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Oct 11
Reference Code: SPL0014 Classification: Student Services
Dec 13
Reference Code: SPL0016 Classification: Student Services

This policy outlines the circumstances in which NTI will and will not grant permission for international students to transfer to another education provider.

In line with the National Code, international students are restricted from…

Dec 13
Reference Code: SPL0015 Classification: Student Services

This policy aims to provide a clear process for managing NTI’s response to critical incidents involving all NTI students by:

a) ensuring appropriate procedures are followed;

Jun 14
Reference Code: SPL0013 Classification: Student Services

7. Sexual harassment is any unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature that makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, in circumstances in which a reasonable person, having regard to all of the circumstances, would have…

Oct 11
Reference Code: SPL0012 Classification: Student Services


1.1 Providing an experience that gives students with disability the opportunity to fully participate at Nan Tien Institute…

Jun 14
Reference Code: SPL0011 Classification: Student Services

3. The Policy includes sections to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation:

a) All Students – Conditions applying to all students

Oct 19
Reference Code: SPL0010 Classification: Student Services

NTI values ethical behavior in all aspects of its endeavour and doesn’t tolerate misconduct. NTI recognises that the seriousness of misconduct varies and treats every case on its own terms and merits and in accordance with its own circumstances. NTI investigates and deals with…

Nov 30
Reference Code: SPL0009 Classification: Student Services

8. NTI is committed to providing a safe, harmonious, supportive and productive environment for its students. NTI has a duty of care to students to resolve grievances and complaints promptly and with minimum distress. NTI has a legal responsibility to resolve equity-…

Dec 18
Reference Code: SPL0008 Classification: Student Services

The student is responsible for enrolment in their subjects in accordance with the requirements of the course they are enrolled in.

NTI will make the necessary information and support available to students to enable them to complete…

Feb 21
Reference Code: SPL0017 Classification: Student Services

6. NTI will ensure that support is available to students to assist them with successfully completing their units of study and that students are made aware of these support services throughout their study.

7. Students are expected to be active partners in their own learning and to…