Support for Students Policy

Reference Code: SPL0017 Classification: Student Services
Approved Date
16 Feb 2024
Date Effective
16 Feb 2024
Review Date
16 February 2027
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Academic Board


Word / Term Definition
At-risk student Any identified student who needs additional support and who is not meeting or not expected to meet the academic performance requirements for successful progression with their studies.
of study

A component of a higher education course of study with a designated unit code, title and credit point allocation in which students enrol and undertake assessment tasks in order to achieve specified learning outcomes. A unit of study at NTI is typically a subject. 




1. This policy applies to all Nan Tien Institute (NTI) enrolled students, with the exception of students undertaking short courses (e.g. continuous professional development courses).


2. NTI is committed to ensuring its students are provided with the support and resources required to be successful in their studies.

3. This policy outlines how NTI will identify students who are at risk of not successfully completing their units of study and the support available to students to assist them with successfully completing their units of study, including NTI's processes for ensuring that students are aware of these support options.

4. This policy is published in accordance with NTI's obligations under the Higher Education Support Act 2003.

5. This policy should be read in conjunction with the guidelines and procedures of other relevant policies, including:

a) Student Enrolment Policy

b) Student Academic Consideration Policy

c) Assessment Policy

d) Disability Policy - Students

e) Student Grievance and Complaint Policy

f) Prevention of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy

Policy Statement

6. NTI will ensure that support is available to students to assist them with successfully completing their units of study and that students are made aware of these support services throughout their study.

7. Students are expected to be active partners in their own learning and to participate in decision making about their studies, where appropriate.

Systems and Procedures


8. NTI places emphasis on early monitoring of factors that may indicate an at-risk student. These factors may include:

a) Failure to access or reasonably engage with key student systems;

b) Failure to access or reasonably engage with subject materials;

c) Failure to attend scheduled classes and learning activities; or

d) Failure to submit assessment tasks.

9. NTI will undertake the following in order to identify students who are at risk of not successfully completing their unit of study:

a) Academic staff members will identify students as being at risk of not meeting subject progress requirements due to factors such as lack of engagement, non-submission of assessments or poor academic practice.

b) Subject Coordinators will monitor and report on the students' progress in the subject to the relevant Head of Program at the end of Week 3 and Week 5 of each subject.

c) If a student is identified through the above process as being at risk of not successfully completing their subject, the Head of Program will email the student and invite them to a meeting to discuss their academic performance and to advise the student that they are at risk of not successfully completing their subject.

d) The Head of Program will assist the student to identify academic performance issues and to develop a plan to address the potential issues.

e) The Head of Program will subsequently email the student outlining the process in place and advising the student of support services available.

f) The Student Services and Academic Support Manager will be notified of the plan in place, will save the plan on the student's file and will assist in facilitating student's access to the support services available. 


10. NTI offers numerous support options for students to assist in successful completion of their subjects, such as:

a) Library services, including online and print resources and study space

b) Online digital self-help resources

c) Access to individual academic support sessions with Academic Support Officers

d) Access to academic writing and academic literacy workshops

e) Orientation sessions for international students

f) Monthly information drop-in sessions

g) Learning and Assessment Guides published for each subject

h) Access to academic processes, such as academic consideration and review of academic decisions

i) Access to free counselling sessions

j) Reasonable Adjustment Plans for students with disability, identified medical condition or other wellness concerns

11. NTI will publish this policy on its website and will include information regarding support for students in student information materials.

12. NTI will monitor the effectiveness of this policy and make adjustments as needed to improve the support provided to students at risk of not progressing with their studies. 


Legislation & Regulation

Higher Education Support Act 2003

Higher Education Provider Guidelines 2023


Student Services Office           

(02) 4258 0740 

Head of Program/Dean of Studies


Version Date Approved Date Effective Approved By Amendment
1 16 Feb 2024 16 Feb 2024 Academic Board