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Reference Code: SPL0002
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Reference Code: SPL0003
1. Kinds of Credit

The credit or advanced standing given to a student through recognition of prior learning (RPL) is based on previously completed work or studies.

1.1 Recognition of Prior Learning 

RPL may enable a student to… Read more


Reference Code: SPL0012
1. Nan Tien Institute is committed to:

1.1 Providing an experience that gives students with a disability the opportunity to fully participate at Nan Tien Institute (NTI) and to realise their individual potential; 

1.2 Balancing… Read more


Reference Code: SPL0004

1.1  All human research carried out by staff members and students at the Nan Tien Institute requires ethics approval. The Institute’s Code of Conduct sets out the general standards and ethical conduct… Read more


Reference Code: SPL0011
3. General Provisions

Up-to-date information about fees and charges is available to students online on the NTI website (https://www.nantien.edu.au/admissions/fees-and-scholarships). Students are… Read more


Reference Code: SPL0014
1. Access 

1.1  The NTI library is located on the ground floor of the campus behind the Reception desk.

1.2  Standard opening hours are: Monday - Thursday 9 am - 5 pm

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Reference Code: SPL0013
3. What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to any of the examples in the definitions of this policy. It can be obvious, discrete, continuous or on an incident on a single occasion. Age, sex or gender identification are not mitigating… Read more


Reference Code: SPL0006
1. Selection 

1.1  Candidates for the award of a degree of the Nan Tien Institute (NTI) must be admitted to the Institute before commencing study for that degree.… Read more

Reference Code: SPL0007
1. The principles guiding this policy are:

1.1  Students are responsible for making reasonable efforts to minimise the impacts of medical, compassionate, and/or extenuating circumstances on their academic performance;

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Reference Code: SPL0008
1. Policy

1.1  Students will enrol in a program in accordance with these rules and pay any required fees and charges.

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Reference Code: SPL0009
3. Principles of Grievance Resolution

The prime objective of the Grievance Policy is to achieve a resolution of a grievance in accordance with the following principles:

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Reference Code: SPL0010

NTI values ethical behavior in all aspects of its endeavour and doesn’t tolerate misconduct. NTI recognises that the seriousness of misconduct varies and treats every case on its own terms and merits and in accordance with its own circumstances. NTI investigates and deals with… Read more