Library Policy - Membership and Borrowing

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22 Oct 2019
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22 Oct 2019
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18 October 2020
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This policy outlines the terms of membership to the Nan Tien Institute (NTI) Library, and the borrowing rights of its users.

NTI offers free membership in the following categories:

  • Student - automatic for duration of study, then eligible for Alumni membership;
  • UOW Cross-Institutional Student - automatic for duration of one semester, then eligible for Community membership;
  • Staffautomatic for duration of employment, then eligible for Community membership;
  • Teaching Staffautomatic for duration of employment, then eligible for Community membership;
  • Sessional Staffautomatic for duration of employment, then eligible for Community membership.
  • Community Member - individuals who do not study or work at NTI, i.e. the general public, and 
  • Alumni Member students who have graduated from their studies at NTI.

This policy applies to all membership categories.

Policy Statement

1. Access 

1.1  The NTI library is located on the ground floor of the campus behind the Reception desk.

1.2  Standard opening hours are: Monday - Thursday 9 am - 5 pm

       Please note, the library is open on any Friday or weekend during which class is held.

2. Resources

2.1  The physical collection is located in the library. Students can access NTI’s online databases through the Student Portal (NTI login required). 

2.2  Information regarding services and the library’s collection are available on the Library Website, including Lib Guides to supplement the databases. These guides contain links to online resources identified by the library and academic staff and are designed to assist with an individual’s studies here at NTI. 

3. Borrowing

Member type

Number of issues

Loan period

Renewals allowed

Renewal period



6 weeks


6 weeks

UOW Cross-Institutional Student


6 weeks


6 weeks



3 weeks


3 weeks

Teaching Staff


12 weeks


12 weeks

Sessional Staff


9 weeks


9 weeks

Community Members


3 weeks


3 weeks

Alumni Members


3 weeks


3 weeks

3.1  Short Loans

3.1.1   Short loan items are held behind the staff desk and can be identified by a red label on the spine.

3.1.2   These items have been identified as core texts for NTI subjects, and have a loan period of 1 day to ensure all students have an opportunity to access the materials.

3.1.3    Five short loan items can be borrowed at a time, and renewals are only permitted if no other students have reserved the item. Please ask the staff for assistance with short loan materials.

3.2  Due Date Reminders

3.2.1   Borrowers will receive an email notification in advance of the due date as a reminder. If the items are not returned in time, follow-up overdue notices will be sent as a further reminder. See Section 4. Overdue Items and Fines for more details on fines and lost or damaged items.

3.3  Borrow by Post

3.3.1   Students and staff who live outside the area may request to have loans mailed out to you (this excludes Large Items);  

3.3.2   Go to the library catalogue and identify the items you would like to borrow, then send your request and preferred mailing address to, where we will process your request. 

3.3.3   Postage is free, however, students and staff will cover any costs for return postage. See Section 5. Returning Items for more details.

4. Overdue Items and Fines

4.1 Purpose of Fines 

4.1.1   A loan transaction is an agreement between a library user and a library and includes the responsibility to return items on time. 

4.1.2   Fines are a deterrent against keeping loans beyond the due date, to ensure the library’s resources are available to other borrowers. The library has received a number of complaints regarding books that have not been returned on time, and these items are often kept until they are long overdue. 

4.2.3   Fines apply to all library users, regardless of member type. 

4.2  Avoiding Fines

4.2.1   Fines can be avoided by:

  • Acknowledging and responding to email notices;
  • Logging into the user’s online account to view their borrowing record;
  • Returning loans on or before the due date, and 
  • Renewing items.

4.2.2   The library recognises the difficulty some borrowers may have with returning items to the library on time, especially for students who travel to NTI to study. Borrowers may log in to their online library account, or email/phone the library, to renew loans and prevent being fined. Renewal of items will remove the status of overdue.

4.2.3   The number of permitted renewals will depend on your membership category. See Section 3. Borrowing for clarification.

4.2.4   Borrowers may also post items back to NTI Library. See Section 5. Returning Items. 

4.2.5   Fines may be reduced or waived for extenuating circumstances. Any such claims can be brought to library staff.

4.3  Fines Schedule

4.3.1   NTI Library will implement a two week grace period, whereby no fines will be charged during the first two weeks beyond the due date. Once items are two weeks overdue, fines will be charged; 

4.3.2   Borrowing rights will be suspended when items become two weeks overdue and will resume when the item is returned or the fines are paid; 

4.3.3   Borrowers will receive four emails prior to fines being charged, as follows 

  • 1st email  -  Advance notice of items soon due;
  • 2nd email -  First notice that items are currently due;
  • 3rd email  -  Second notice that items are at least a week overdue. and 
  • 4th email  -  Third notice that items are two weeks overdue and borrowing is now restricted, and fines will be charged.

4.4  Charges

4.4.1   $1 per item per day overdue - Fines are capped at $46 (i.e. 60 days overdue, excluding 14 day grace period).

4.4.2   Lost or very overdue items (items not returned within 60 days of due date):

  • Replacement fee equal to the commercial value of the item, plus;
  • $10 processing fee, plus;
  • $46 maximum fine per item.

4.4.3   If an item is not returned after 60 days, the system will automatically identify the item as one for which the library user must be invoiced for the replacement cost.

4.4.4   If a long-overdue item is returned, the fines will be waived.

4.4.5   Damaged items will incur the following charges:

  • Replacement fee equal to the commercial value of the item, plus
  • $10 processing fee. 

4.5  Invoices

4.5.1   Invoices are sent out by the Library.

4.5.2   An invoice is sent when fines total $10 or more.

4.5.3   Fines less than $10 will remain on the user’s record until further fines are incurred or the fine is paid. 

4.6  Payment

4.6.1   No payments will be processed in the library;

4.6.2   Payments can be made in person or by phone:


Cash or credit card


Student Services Desk (NTI campus Level 2)


(02) 4258 0741



Systems and Procedures

5  Returning Items

5.1  During library opening hours:

Please return all items to the library. 

5.2  Outside library opening hours: 

During business hours: please return all items to reception.

5.3  Note: Items cannot be returned on weekends. If unable to return items during the week, please contact the library to make alternative arrangements. Please do not return library items to Nan Tien Temple.

5.2  By post:

5.2.1 Please mail returned items to:

Nan Tien Institute Library
231 Nolan Street
Unanderra  2526  NSW

5.2.2   Please be aware that students are liable for the cost of return postage.

6. Renewing Items

6.1  See Section 3. Borrowing for a guide on the number of renewals available to each membership category;

6.2  If another borrower has reserved an item, it cannot be renewed; 

6.3  Items can be renewed by phone (02 4258 0744), online or in person.

7. Reserve an Item

7.1  A reserve can be placed to ensure you are next in line to borrow an item. This applies to items that are currently in the library, or items currently out on loan.

7.2  When the item is available, it will be set aside for one week to await collection. After 7 days the reserve will expire and the item will be returned to the shelf and available for loan to other borrowers.

7.3  Log into your library account before searching the catalogue to ensure you can place a reserve.

8. Borrowing from the University of Wollongong Library

8.1  NTI students are eligible for Guest membership to the University of Wollongong Library. This page details borrowing conditions under the “Guest” category. 

8.2  To apply, fill out the online form here, and for Place of Employment please enter “Nan Tien Institute.”

8.3  Available items can be viewed through their online catalogue.

8.4  Students must visit the campus to borrow (information about getting to UOW can be found here). 

9. Borrowing through Inter-Library Loan

9.1  NTI Master’s students producing a research project are able to request inter-library loans from other libraries around Australia, for items not held at NTI.

9.2  Search Trove and to identify the item you would like to borrow. Download this inter-library loan form, fill it out and return it to library staff to make your request. We will notify you when your loan has been processed.

9.3  Borrowing restrictions may be imposed by the lending library. Staff will inform you of any limitations. 

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