Credit Transfer and RPL Policy

Reference Code: SPL0003 Classification: Student Services
Approved Date
18 Dec 2009
Date Effective
18 Dec 2009
Review Date
18 June 2020
Approved By
Academic Board

Policy Statement

1. Kinds of Credit

The credit or advanced standing given to a student through recognition of prior learning (RPL) is based on previously completed work or studies.

1.1 Recognition of Prior Learning 

RPL may enable a student to complete a degree in a shorter time. RPL may take the form of:

(a) A total amount of credit which is unspecified;

(b) Exemption from a specific unit or units on the basis of equivalent study completed elsewhere;

(c) Transfer of an equivalent unit from one course at Nan Tien Institute (NTI) to another.

1.2  NTI will provide RPL from a recognised higher education institution (for example, a university), vocational education provider (for example, TAFE), or an accredited training agency.

1.3 NTI will grant maximum credit for prior learning which is consistent with a student’s prospects of success in a course and minimise the workload required to complete a course.

2. Receipt of Credit 

2.1 To receive an award from Nan Tien Institute at least 50% of the full credit value of the course must be completed at NTI as an NTI enrolled student. 

2.2 Credit for advanced standing will be granted on a consistent basis, according to principles and precedents developed within NTI.

Systems and Procedures

3. Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning 

3.1 Students should indicate on their enrolment form that they wish to apply for RPL and provide evidence to support their application. Applications should be made before enrolment.

3.2 The documentation is examined to assess the equivalence of the prior learning to the content and standard of assessment of subjects in the course and credit awarded where substantial equivalence is demonstrated.

3.3 The Institute maintains a database of precedents containing cases of credit approved to assist in the determination of applications.

3.4 Where RPL is granted to an international student before a student visa has been granted, the advice will indicate the reduced course duration. If the credit is granted after a student visa is issued, the change of course duration will be processed under the requirements of the Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act 2000.

3.5 All applications for RPL will be determined by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the applicant will be advised in writing. An applicant who is dissatisfied with the decision may appeal to the Academic Board.

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